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Eagle News is a news television founded in 1995. It is not ranked among the top ten TV but MOM included it into the survey because it belongs to one of the biggest Media Groups and has an interesting history as well as editorial policies. Eagle News was Mongolia’s first news television. Founded by the US funded “Among Fund” NGO, the television started off with broadcasting real-time news and a program devoted to Christian televangelism. The American journalist Michael Kohn observed: “Originally founded as Eagle TV by a missionary group. A group of Democrats (including ex-Prime Minister Elbegdorj and his finance minister Baabar) invited the Christian into Mongolia in exchange for a set amount of CNN coverage and other American TV programming. It seemed like a reasonable deal for Mongolia until the airwaves were suddenly awash with religious propaganda.” Then, in 2011, Mongolian Media Corporation or the Mongol Mass Media Group, a subsidiary of the Bodi Group, purchased Eagle television. In 2016 the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mongol Mass Media Group is Bayasgalan. D, he is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golomt Bank. In the 1990ies he was a student leader of the Democratic movement. Since 2013, Eagle News TV begun its collaboration with the CNN Agency, consequently, the “Time with Christ” television program was transferred to “Eagle Live” channel in order to meet international broadcasting standards. Eagle News has expanded to become “Mongolian Media Corporation”, aligning various media tools under its umbrella, including “Ardyn Erkh” newspaper, “Undesny Toim” magazine, web-portal (MOM Media ID-3111), and FM 91.1. “Mongolian Media Corporation” has designed the term ‘Complete Illustration’ which refers to relaying news and information utilizing its variety of media tools. The mission statement of “Mongolian Media Corporation” is to distribute responsible, ethical, and contextually complete ‘News’, maintaining major journalistic principles via television, newspaper, journal, social network throughout Mongolia’s 21 provinces. One unique aspect of “Mongolia Media Corporation” is the fact that it established a Council of Publishing Policy in order to devise its publishing policies autonomously from the interests of political parties or politicians, and to promote the citizens’ right to know. The Council of Publishing Policy ensures journalists and producers of television, newspapers, magazines, and web-portals to work in an environment independent from politicians and the editorial team. In 2016, the Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia announced that the special license of the Eagle News television was owned by Eagle Broadcasting LLC

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1.60 %

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Group: Mongol Mass Media Group


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Among Fund – an American NGO promoting Christianity

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Among Fund is an American NGO promoting Christianity


CEO of the Mongol Mass Media Group: Amundra. A CEO of the Television Channel: Badamdash. D


Editor in Chief: Khulan Head of Programming Department: Ganzorig. Ts

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The company officially rejected to provide information to MOM. Information was obtained from open sources but it was difficult to find information.


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