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Open Door was started in 2014 as a weekly newspaper by a prominent journalist. Politicians and businessmen like to read it. The weekly newspaper Open door has an average circulation of 2500 copies per issue (Press Institute/ ) The owner, B.Ganchimeg, a journalist who previously worked for big daily newspapers such as Udriin Sonin and Undesnii Shuudan, established the newspaper in 2014. She publicly stated that she will focus on background stories and in-depth reporting. Apart from current affairs news the newspaper offers interviews, analytical stories on a wide range of issues. It is published once a week with 32 pages in a tabloid format. It does not offer an online version and does not have a website. The newspaper’s motto is: For an open society The founder publicly stated that the newspaper is not affiliated with any interests and solely owned by independent journalists. After the 2016 parliamentary elections, which resulted in a landslide victory of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), B.Ganchimeg was appointed as the director of the state run Montsame news agency.

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MD (2015: 2.000 weekly)

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Open Door 


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Ms. B. Ganchimeg

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Ms. B. Ganchimeg was also editor-in-chief till October 2016 when she was appointed as the director of state run Montsame agency (Media ID 3132) after the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) won the parliamentary elections. For Open Door she is now only named as member of the editorial council.


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Deputy editor: O. Sodnompil

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A week after handing out the MOM questionnaire, three phone inquiries were made. In the end, the newspaper responded that they will not provide information. Public information is not available.


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