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Global Media Registry was established by the company Benecraft LLC in November 2013. As of 2016 Benecract LLC is owned by B. Altangerel, Ch. Sukhbaatar, S. Delgerdalai, Ch. Bolortuya. The owners manage the news website and shape its editorial policy. As of 2015 the website enjoys a daily reach of 7% according to the audience research on the use of Internet by the Press Institute. According to the website is on rank 9 of most popular Mongolian news websites. According to the own statement of the number of it’s visitors reach 150 – 300 people per day. states on its website that its editorial team strives to give citizens voice and remain independent from any political or business powers. Concerning the organizational structure, the newsroom conists of editorial staff, techhological development unit, IT staff, data visualization unit, economist and designers. It distinguishes itself from other websites through its regular use of infographics to visualize stories and data. The website did not provide information on revenues and shareholders.

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MD not measurable

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upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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Benecraft Co Ltd 


Ownership Structure

Mr. Altangere, shares unknown; Ms. Bolortuya Ch, shares unknown; Mr. Sukhbaatar. Ch, shares unknown.

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Media Companies / Groups

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Founders and owners of Benecraft LLC: B.Altangerel, Ch.Sukhbaatar, S.Delgerdalai, Ch.Bolortuya

Affiliated Interests Founder



B. Altangerel, Director


Editorial staff: S. Delgerdalai J. Zolboo B. Oyunchimeg

Financial Information

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Missing Data

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

93 percent of unknown number

Advertising (in % of total funding)

7 percent of unknown number

Further Information

Meta Data

The survey questionnaire was completed and sent back. However, some information was not disclosed due to company confidentiality. Additional information was obtained from the website.


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