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Mongol Mass Media Group launched the website in 2007. In 2012 the website was sold to the newly established News Agency LLC, which is owned by Ms. S. Temuulen (O-3097) and according to MOM research Mr. Boldbaatar Kh (O-3096). As of 2015 the website was one of the most popular news websites with a daily reach of 18% according to the audience research on the use of Internet by the Press Institute. According to is on rank 10 of the list of top news websites. According to a 2014 study conducted by the website is visited by 150 people per day, mostly public officials, international organizations and business people. The majority of its users are people aged 35 and above. The website focuses on current affairs political, economic and social news. It distinguishes itself from other websites through a professional full time editorial staff. 90 percent of its content is produced daily by the website journalists and reporters. The vice director D. Narantuya states that the lack of an own technology development unit might be a weakness compared to other news websites. The news portal website has a political and economic news department, an information department, a new content development unit, a top content unit and an administration. Editor-in-chef is S.Temuulen, a longtime journalist with experiences in daily newspapers and online media. There are anecdotal evidences that the Mongolian President is the main investor of the website, but MOM could not prove this. The website did not provide information on investors and revenues.

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News Agency LLC 


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Mongol Mass Media Group

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The website was founded by Mongol Mass Media Group which was established by a group of politically and business affiliated people in 2004


Ms. S. Temuulen, General Director / CEO, also one of two owners of News Agency LLC.


D. Narantuya, Vice director / chief-editor

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The company did not respond to the MOM questionnaire. Even though the relationship was very friendly, the company rejected to disclose information regarding its ownership status.


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