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Zasgiin Gazryn Medee

Zasgiin gazriin medee is a daily newspaper with a circulation of 4300 copies per issue. (Document ID 1) The newspaper was launched in 2014. The chairman of the board is the young journalist E. Dolgion. He does not hold any political positions. The newspaper states that it strives to promote a healthy environment in society by remaining independent from any vested political or business interests. Zasgiin Gazriin Medee publishes the Mongolian version of “Financial times” as a supplement. The newspaper is published 5 times a week with 12 pages in a broadsheet format. There is also an online subscription. The newspaper does not have a website. Zasgiin gazriin medee is owned by ZGMM LLC, which is a daughter company of National News corporation LLC. The National News Corporation also owns Bloomberg TV Mongolia and the magazine “Forbes Mongolia”. The National News Corporation company group is owned by the Trade Development Bank Mongolia (TDBM). And the [TDBM made headlines most recently in 2016 as “New Phenomenon in Corruption”] (

Key facts

Audience Share

9.7 % (4.300 daily)

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Geographic Coverage


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Passive Transparency

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Media Companies / Groups

Group: National News Corporation  


Ownership Structure


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Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



ZGMM LLC established Zasgyn Gazryn Medee newspaper in 2014. ZGMM LLC is owned by the National News Corporation LLC, which is owned by the Trade Development Bank of Mongolia LLC (TDB).

Affiliated Interests Founder

In 2016 the president of TDBM, B. Medree, was nominated by the Democratic Party to compete in parliamentary elections, but he did not win a seat.


Chairman of the Board: E. Dolgion First deputy editor: Ts.Tseveenkherlen

Affiliated Interests Ceo

The chairman of the board is the young journalist E. Dolgion. He is also Executive Director of Bloomberg Mongolia TV. He does not hold any official political positions.


First deputy editor: Ts. Tseveenkherlen Deputy editor: L. Sugarmaa Chef of political and social news department: B. Gandolgor Economic and business news: Р. Оюунцэцэг Foreign content, culture and entertainment: B. Enkhjargal

Other Important People

D. Erdenebileg, chairman of the Board of Directors of Trade and Development Bank (TDB)

Affiliated Interests other important people

According to the business [news website jargaldefacto] ( "it appears that D. Erdenebileg owns the majority of shares of the biggest commercial bank in Mongolia through an offshore account. This is why he sits on the board. Also, he owns 99 percent of the shares of Ulaanbaatar Bank, which was established by the current Speaker of Parliament, M. Enkhbold, when he was the mayor of our capital city. ... It is also said that TDB paid a large amount of money to have Bloomberg Mongolia work for them, and purchased Forbes Mongolia Magazine. Furthermore, TDB is behind the News newspaper Zasgiin Gazryn Medee, (Media ID-6), which deliberately gave the outside world the impression that the newspaper was released by the government. If all these claims are true, we are witnessing a phenomenon we can call “Erdenebilegism” – one individual being able to control everything."

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

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Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

ZGMM LLC: Private advertising revenue: 860,000,000 tugriks. Public advertising revenue: 40,000,000 tugriks

Market Share

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Further Information


New Phenomenon in Corruption

Meta Data

Answering the MOM questionnaire was postponed by ZGMM LLC for 14 days due to the Director being on an overseas business trip. Then, the questionnaire was answered after visiting the office in person and making 3 phone inquiries.


Mongolian Media Today 2016, Press Institute of Mongolia, (Document ID 1); “Засгийн газрын мэдээ” сонины 2016 оны 8, 9, 10 сарын дугаарууд; Худалдаа хөгжлийн банкны тухай;

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