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MobiCom Corporation 

MobiCom Corporation 

Majority shares of MobiCom Corporation are owned by Japanese Sumitomo Corporation. Sumitomo Corporation is a large multinational company that has its regional offices in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. In Mongolia, the [corporation has made investments in mining, renewable energy, information technology, and communication sectors]( MobiCom Corporation was founded as result of negotiations between the founder of NewCom Group, Boldbaatar, from the Mongolian side and Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation. An informal source suggests that he owns less than 50 percent of the company at present, as he sold the majority of his shares to Sumitomo Corporation two years ago. As a result, it is said that he has minimal intervention in the company. He is experienced in information technology sector and never held any political positions. He has been living in Switzerland since the 2000s.

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There are 15 companies under the umbrella of Newcom Corporation which established MobiCom Corporation.
MobiCom Corporation has 10 subsidiaries established with its own investment fund; they are leading and operating companies in the field of information technology, internet services, fibre-optic cable services, and a non-bank financial institution that provides financial solutions to the group employees. These include: NewTel Company LLC Information technology, UlusNet Company LLC Internet Service, Mongol Content LLC Content Service, MobiNet LLC Internet Service, MobiFinance LLC NBFI, Newfund LLC, NBFI MobiCom Networks LLC Fiber-optic cable.

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