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Mr. Bayarmunkh Sengee 

Mr. Bayarmunkh Sengee 

The Group Seruuleg Construction Co Ltd owns apart from TV 8 various media outlets and a lot of other businesses. Bayarmunkh Sengee is the General Director of the company. He graduated from the then Soviet Union entity Ukraine at Lyuov Military and Political University in military journalism. Prior to starting his business in 1993, he used to work for the central military publishing “Ulaan-Od” newspaper as a journalist. Bayarmunkh is a lieutenant of the Mongolian army, member of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) and works at the Council of the Party. He also used to work as Director at the Diplomatic services department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is kind of a self-made-man as he explained in an [interview with the newspaper Ugluuny Sonin] ( in 2013, Bayarmunkh S said: “Only since 1997 the first privatizations in Mongolia took place. … During that time Bayarsaikhan Sh, owner of (the trading company) Nomin Holding, and a friend of mine, the three of us bought a building for 310 million tugriks. 310 million tugriks were a huge amount of money in 1997. … That building in the 3rd and 4th micro districts (of Ulaanbaatar), returned our investment in only a year and a half. Since that time, I started buying land and got into construction business. Our first project was a 5-storey building located in the downtown area. After that, we had another building project in the 13th micro district. With the profit accumulated thanks to media, we completed several other building projects. We will not abandon the construction business. … “Orange Plaza”, a 10-storey building including the basement floor is my personal property. … I majored in journalism and own a media house. But the owners of other media houses are mostly politicians or businessmen”.  

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In addition to the media businesses the company operates various businesses in the construction sector and provides construction services ( (

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His daughter Khulan Bayarmunkh is nowadays the company’s Executive Director. Naturally, with his political career he has many friends and affiliations in politics.

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