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Mr. Boldkhet Sereeter 

Mr. Boldkhet Sereeter 

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Naran Group is the owner Boldkhet Sereeter. He was born in 1952 and holds a major in international affairs. He used to work as a trade and economic attaché for the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Mongolia in Japan, also as representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition as Director of Mongol Impex international trade association and the Mongol Export international trade association, and also as trade representative and consulate of Mongolia-Singapore. He was Member of Parliament in 1996-2000. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Since 2000 he has not held any political position.

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In the media sector Super Vision Cable LLC owns the special license of SBN television channel (M-3085) and provides cable television services. Other businesses of the mother company Naran Group include: Trade (
Food and catering (,
Trade centres (,
Media (,
Real-estate (
The following companies operate under the umbrella of Naran Group: Naran Department Store LLC, Naran Foods LLC, Naran Cosmetics LLC, Naran Motors LLC, Naran Mart LLC, Naran Beauty World LLC, Naran Elo LLC, Inter Cuisine LLC, Naran LifeStyle LLC, Naran Travel LLC, City Real Estate LLC, Capital Properties LLC, Super vision cable television LLC, SBN television, New York, New York restaurant, Thai express restaurant, Tuul international fusion restaurant, Lla griglia di milano Italian restaurant, Shibuya Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant, and The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf coffee shops.

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