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Mr. Otgonbayar G 

Mr. Otgonbayar G 

There is no information available about Khukh-Akh NGO, which supposedly owns itoim.nn news web-portal, except for the fact that the founder of itoim Agency is also the director of the NGO. Otgonbayar G owns 40 percent of the company itoim Agency. He holds a major in journalism and has extensive experience in the media sector. He used work in responsible positions for large daily newspapers and was the Chief-Editor of Undesny Shuudan daily newspaper. At present, [he works as the Head of Government Media Division and Media representative to the Prime Minister]( ).Otgonbayar.G is one of the major writers of the journalism sector in Mongolia and was an active publisher in In 2015, he decided to start his own private media business and established itoim agency with journalists whom he worked together in daily newspapers. Currently, the agency is managed by its shareholder Ulsbold.G.

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The itoim agency maintains and publishes news web-portal and “Top Analysis” PR magazine. The company does not have business in other sectors.

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Mr. Otgonbayar G is very well connected with Mongolian People's Party and the current government of Mongolia. At present, he works as the Head of Government Media Division and Media representative to the Prime Minister.

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upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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The company was eager to provide information, and sent the completed MOM survey questionnaire after one phone inquiry. But the financial information and revenue of advertisements was missing. Also no information is available about the NGO owner of the company. Some additional information is on the company website.

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