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Ms. B. Nandintushig 

Ms. B. Nandintushig 

General Director of Mongol News group Nandintushig Baldorj was born in 1981 and graduated at Newcastle University in Singapore with a degree in Journalism and PR. She is also the President of the “Baldorj Fund” and does not have any political affiliations; unlike her father who founded the Mongol News Group and inherited it to his daughter.

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The group owns Unoodor daily newspaper (Media ID-3003), the weekend issue of the Unoodor newspaper called Nyam Garig, the English language UB Post newspaper, the television channel MN 25 (M-3071), the news web-portal, and ABM Company for publishing and distribution services, CAC Pictures Studio, the Baldorj Fund, MN Duty free, Ulaanbaatar-MN duty free, and other publishing houses. Various sources indicate that family members of Nandintushig B own shares in Ulaanbaatar Hotel, Ulaanbaatar-2 Tourism resort, and UB-Hotel-Golf elite golf course located within the Ulaanbaatar-2 Tourism resort. The amount of ownership could not be verified.

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Executive Director of Mongol News Group is Nomitushig. B, sibling of owner Nandintushig B.
Shur Namsrai, wife to the late founder Baldorj Ts and mother of Nandintushig B, works as the Executive Director of the Ulaanbaatar Hotel.

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Passive Transparency

upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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Only information regarding the Unoodor newspaper was completed in MOM survey. No information of the group was provided. MOM team made 4 phone inquiries. Information has been collected from open sources.

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