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S. Enkhtuul

S. Enkhtuul

Enkhtuul S is a journalist. She is the founder of Niigmyn Toli and Niigmyn Shuudan daily newspapers. At present, she owns the Uls Turyn Toim newspaper. She does not own any other media tools, nor runs business in other sectors. She used to be Executive Director of the Daily Newspaper Association.

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Some experts say that besides Enkhtuul S, the newspaper is co-owned by a high ranking police official, which affects the content of Uls Turyn Toim newspaper to some extent, but no valid information on this is available.

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ownership data is not publicly available, company/channel denies the release of information or does not respond, no public record exists

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After handing out the MOM questionnaire, 4 phone inquiries were made to the newspaper. The company provided some information on phone. But the provided information was insufficient. There is no relevant information available to the public and it was difficult to find information about the newspaper.


Mongolian Media Today 2016, Press Institute of Mongolia (Document ID-1); Uls Turiin Toim issues August, September, October 2016;
Interview with deputy-editor-in-chief L Ninjsemjid.

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