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Ugloonii Sonin Co Ltd 

The newspaper was established in 2006. It was founded by Khadbaatar R, a journalist and former president of Mongolian Newspaper Association and Ninjjamts L, a journalist and director of Undesny Television since September 2016. The newspaper and company were owned by Ninjjamts .L and Ms. Temuuulen N (Director of News Agency, O-3097). Later, the ownership was transferred to their children Anarkhuu G and Boroldoi E.



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Anarkhuu. G is the son of Ms. Temuulen B, Director of News Agency and the owner of the online news site (O-3097). The father of Anarkhuu G, Mr. Ganbat D is an active member of the Democratic Party.

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Ugloonii Sonin


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Ugloonii Sonin newspaper


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L. Ninjjamts and R. Khadbaaar

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Both founders are members of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP). R. Khadbaatar is a journalist and former President of Mongolian Publishers Association. L.Ninjjamts is also a journalist and currently Vice Director of the Mongolian National Public Broadcaster.




Address: Suite 1201, 12th floor, City Center TowerBaga Toiruu 14200, 8th khorooSukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar City Tel: 70119386, 88284959 Fax: 976-11-326383

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Very little of the MOM survey was completed after making 5 phone inquiries to the company. But the provided information was very unsatisfactory. Some additional information could be obtained from the founder.


Mongolian Media Today 2016, Press Institute of Mongolia, Document ID-1; “Ugloonii Sonin” issues August, September and October 2016; MOM questionaire;
Interview with founder L. Ninjjamts and Interview with owner of the online news site.

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