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The impacts of mobile phones and the internet cannot be underestimated in this huge country with previously huge black holes of communication – now, large parts of Mongolia that were for centuries more or less disconnected from the outside world are part of the global village.

This is underlined by the media penetration of households: There are 196 computers per 1000 inhabitants whereas only 87 out of 1000 people have a telephone landline. But there are 5, 5 Million mobile phones in use in the country – almost double the size of the population. Thus, the penetration rate of mobile phone users in Mongolia is higher than the world average.

There are 98 internet news portals in operation. MOM researched the 10 most popular ones.

MOM research indicates the online news market as highly concentrated. (See Context Economy-Media market, Context Media, Indicator 1, Indicator 2)

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